(La terre est petite, on se reverra)

- Proverbe Thaï
// Oilhack
Oilhack will be contributing to the LP collection related artwork. Don't hesitate to visit his websites !
// Réo1
Réo1 will be contributing to the EP collection related artwork.  Don't hesitate to visit his websites !
// Franck Parkinson
Franck Parkinson grew up in Paris where he studied at the conservatory, practicing many instruments and specialising in percussion. He played in a pop group as a teenager before entering the hip hop movement, and then naturally drifted towards house music.

Since then he has devoted himself to electronic music which sings of jazz, drunk blues and hip hop.

He is a DJ on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand where he plays regularly at the most underground and mythical parties : "Guy's Bar" and "Eden Garden". Today Franck is creating his own professional music studio. He invites artists who travel to Thailand to join him at the studio in paradise and be inspired by the scene of Koh Phangan.
// Various Artists
Some talented artists brought their stone to the building by remixing on Bichiks LP :

Lucien, Nateo Bosnicz, Kwalud, Blaisse Amoussou, Issa Sacha, Modeling Motion, Danton Eepron & Unknown Artists.
// Zandrine
Since her childhood, Zandrine is passionate about music. For many years, she played violin and was also part of a choir until she took singing lessons. It is in Berlin that she discovered electronic music, music that fascinates and inhabits her.

After listening to many djs, she now wants to share her vision of electronic music and plunge her audience into her world by releasing on "Big Mamas House Records" and "MonTiCazMizic". Her universe? An electro deep house carrying its audience to another dimension, resounding with rhythms, alternating hovering and dynamic sounds that invite you to a fabulous journey.
// Darius Aleksandar
Darius Aleksandar was born into a family of musicians, seasoned performers rich in talent and artistry. Raised in Los Angeles, California, he was naturally fascinated with music throughout his youth and eager to express his own creativity. With a simple record player and tape deck, he was mixing by the age of 10. His musical taste was diverse and embracing latin, disco, funk, soul, r&b, rap, miami bass and hip-house. With influences like "Soul Sonic Force", "Grandmaster Flash", "African Bambata", "Egyptian Lover", "Jonzun Crew", "DJ Red Alert", "Public Enemy", "Eric B & Rakim", "Big Daddy Kane", "Ultramagnetic MC’s", "Whoodini" and "Kraftwerk", Darius was cultivating a passion for electronic music that would only intensify his involvement in the LA underground scene. 

Darius is back in production and you can listen to some of his releases on labels such as, "Silver Nework", "Laus Music", "Illusion Cartel", "Riff Raff", "Unt Records" or "One Way". Darius continuous to work in the studio to shape and form unique sets with great imagination and finesse. He will always keep you deep with rare, classic tracks and the best flavor from today. 
// DickVelvet
DickVelvet was born in Lyon, France, where he stayed till the age of 29 while being an active member of various hip-hop, hard techno and trance prog bands like "Monde Collectif" with Koruptible et Psykopat Kamikaz, "Madkatribe" under the Roi Crapo moniker, "Unisson" and "BRK" under the Virus and Gortek monikers. By working as a sound technician, he launched the electro dub hip-hop "Still Alive" project and performed more than 70 gigs, including 2 tours in La Réunion Island.

Now releasing on "MonTiCazMizic", he is coming back more techno than ever by breathing kicks, perspiring fm sounds and talking square waves. In short, for the dancefloor lovers, if you want to know the secret hidden behind the pyramids, it is a 100% underground techno artist to discover with a huge experience of the show and the music scene.

// Moogly
Moogly is a French dj and music producer born in Paris. In the 2000s, he owned the "Lax Bar" in Lyon, where in those days you could hear the local electronic scene and artists. A year after, he took his first gig at "DV1" followed by many others in key parties at "Embassy" or "The Platform", alongside worldwide known djs.

His first 2010s release is out on "La Vie En Rose" and he quicly signed other EPs with "Silver Network", "Hermine Records" and "System 108" before joining "Plaqué Or" dj crew agency.

One day, Moogly chose to move to Bangkok and already played in clubs such as "Oskar", "Maggie Choo", "Sugar Wax", "RCA Live", "Studio Lam" or "Char Bangkok". House lovers, you must catch this talented artist.
// Rémi Bertolino
Rémi Bertolino is an eclectic dj and music producer. Born in Lyon, France, he first became part of French hip-hop act "PTC" in the 2000s, while also recording acoustic instrumentals, trip-hop, downtempo and electro-rock tracks under the name Rémi B. He began recording under the Rémi Bertolino moniker in the 2010s, releasing electronic music through the French labels "Caramelo" and "La Vie En Rose" as well as the English label "Illusion Cartel". He recorded numerous singles and remixes during that decade.

When arrived in La Réunion Island, he started his own recording label in 2017, "MonTiCazMizic", and released his first full-length recording under the same name.