"Do miel lé bon ; pikir mous la pa kouyon."
(Toutes les bonnes choses se méritent)

- Dicton créole
// MonTiCazMizic
Lost in the primary forest of La Réunion Island, MonTiCazMizic provides current musics through all digital platforms.

MonTiCazMizic's first aim is to promote local artists : Musicians, graphic designers, ...
And we are of course opened to the entire world !

EP project ready ? 
Don't hesitate to submit your demos so we can carefully listen to it.

Artwork : Réo1
// Next gigs
* 24th of August : Rémi Bertolino & Guest (Dj Set)
@Le Passage Du Chat Blanc, Saint-Denis Réunion

* 28th of September : Moogly & Rémi Bertolino (Dj Set)
@Le Passage Du Chat Blanc, Saint-Denis Réunion

* 06th of October : ARK aka Guillaume Berroyer (Live), Moogly & Rémi Bertolino (Dj Set)
@Nayah Event Bass Funktion @Le First, Saint-Denis Réunion
* Weekly Residency : Moogly (Dj Set) @Oskar Bistro, Bangkok Thailand
Artwork : Réo1